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Take a picture or a screenshot of desired clothing item.
Let our AI algorithms scan online shops for you.
Choose the one you like and buy it or suggest it to a friend!

Technology behind this app

Sample model

Fashionly is an example of an application build on NeuroAPI - a platform which allows the user to easily develop products based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutions.

The app works with a big database behind it. Each search starts with scanning the data. When the item matching your photo is found, it is displayed on the screen along with links to online stores.

Identification & classification of objects by AI algorithms

Identification & classification of objects by AI algorithms

In the first step the app uses YOLO algorithm in order to search for known clothing items.

Second step, a bit more technical, comprises of turning the image with searched item into a thousand features vectors, so it can be compared against the images we have in our database.

Database search and front-end results for the app user

Database search and front-end results for the app user

The last step is a similarity search conducted on the database, using FAISS library. All the database images are turned into thousand features vectors as well. The algorithms can compare and match the vectors of your image with the ones created out of database images.

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Upcoming features:

  • More detailed cropping of items to search (image segmentation instead of bounding boxes)
  • Sorting results by percentage of color matching
  • More sources - stores and clothing websites